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21 Gifts Every Fisherman Will Appreciate

Looking for a gift for your beloved fisherman or fisher-woman? Whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, Father's Day, Birthday, or just any day you want to make your angling friend feel special, this guide on gifts for fishermen is what you are looking for.

1. Personal Flotation Device

Safety always comes first when it comes to fishing. A personal flotation device will ensure that your angler is safe. The Red Cross stated that wearing a life jacket or a PFD can prevent 90% of boating-related drownings, reduces the initial impact when a person first fall in the water, and prevent hypothermia. And you will look cooler and smarter wearing a PFD.

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2. Waterproof Phone Case

Preventing your phone from getting wet while still having access to it while fishing is a big plus for any angler. A waterproof phone case will with a neck strap or tether will also save your phone from getting to the bottom of the lake. You can take pictures of your catches to show off later on.

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3. Portable Fish Finder

You can win half the battle when you know where the fish are. A portable fish finder is a perfect gift for anglers of any skill level. You can cast and retrieve the fish finder, trolled behind a canoe or boat, and you can even attach your favourite lure under it. This will certainly give your fishing loved one the advantage while they fish.

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4. Mystery Tackle Box

Want to surprise your loved one twice? Then surprise them with a Mystery Tackle Box! Each box contains quality fishing lures including hard baits, skirted jigs and spinner baits, soft plastics and terminal tackle.You can buy the boxes individually or better yet get the angler in you life a subscription from their website, which will get them a box full of surprises every month.

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5. Flashlight Gloves

It's late afternoon, the sun is setting, it's getting darker and you have to tie on your lure or fly because the fish just started feeding. Having this glove will help you see what you are tying better and get your bait in the water sooner. This can also double as a work glove for those tight spaces where you cannot squeeze in a flashlight.

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6. Electronic Fishing Scale

Tired of hearing your friends say all your fish stories are lies? Now you can have proof with an Electronic Fishing Scale. You can weigh the fish and take a picture of how heavy it really was. This waterproof fishing scale also comes with a built-in tape measure so you won't need to guesstimate how big the fish was. You can put an end to those fish tales.

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7. Romantic Fishing Lures

Nothing else says "I Love You" more to a fishing fanatic than a custom made Romantic Fishing Lure. This stainless steel lure will never fade, just like your love for your partner. Put it in a frame for display or fish it and see how lucky this fishing lure will be for you.

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8. Tackle Backpack

A great way to carry the necessary fishing gear is with a tackle backpack. This backpack has 11 independent rooms to organise your angler's gear, and it also comes with a protective rain cover. Having your hands while hiking to your fishing spot is a game changer.

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9. Multi-tool

I own a Leatherman Sidekick myself, but the Wave Plus is like having a Sidekick and a Wingman in one package. The beauty of carrying a multi-tool is that there is so much use for it. You can pinch your hook barb with the pliers, cut wood to build a fire, sharpen your hooks when needed, and screw and unscrew nuts and bolts. A multi-tool is one of those gadgets that an angler should have with at all times.

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10. GoPro Hero 10 Black

The best way to document an angler's adventure is with a GoPro Action Camera. I use this myself to create fishing videos for YouTube. Its waterproof, compact, and user friendly. You can take Hi-Resolution Photos and Videos and transferring them from the GoPro to the phone is super easy. Use different accessories to achieve the Point of View you like for your videos.

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11. Funny T-shirts

Looking for a perfect funny gift for you fishing loved one? A funny t-shirt should do the trick! There are tons of them online and you can find them in different sizes and colours. They will surely remember you every time they put this shirt on. Grab one or a bunch for all you fishing friends.

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12. Fishing Lures

Every angler would appreciate a refill of tackle as they tend to get lost in the process of fishing. An assortment of lures is perfect if you're not sure what to give your fishing friend. Each has its own application and your friend will surely put them to good use. This one has 300 pieces! Enough to last a full season or more of fishing.

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13. Insulated Sealed Food Jar

There's nothing better than a warm lunch while fishing. An Insulated Food Jar is perfect for bringing hot food to your fishing trip. This Food Jar will keep a 10-ounce lunch hot for 5 hours or keep a cold drink cold for 7 hours while the exterior stays cool to touch. It comes in Blue and Pink for your fisherman or fisher-woman.

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14. Merino Wool Apparel

Merino Wool has a ton of advantages when worn close to the skin. First is that Merino Wool is Thermoregulating, it will keep you warm when it is cold outside and keep you cool when it is warm. Second, it is Antimicrobial, its sweat wicking properties prevent fungi and bacteria buildup. As a result, your angling loved one will not smell even if they wear the shirt for days. Check the Woolove website to find out more about their line up.

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15. Fishing Rod Rack

Organising and storing fishing rods can be a real challenge for some anglers. A Fishing Rod Rack can provide a storage solution and get your rod organised at the same time. This rack can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall and even on the ceiling. This is a perfect way to de-clutter fishing gear.

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16. The Total Fishing Manual

This updated edition of The Total Fishing Manual brings all the information an angler needs before they hit the water. They can find information on the best gear, lures, flies and tackle to use with field-tested strategies for fishing success. You can also find some of the authors favourite fishing spots and some dream fishing destinations. This is a must-have book for fisherman of all skill levels.

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17. Rod and Reel Combo

Every angler needs to have that one extra rod and reel, so a combo is a perfect gift to give you fishing loved one. Most combos come with extras like hooks, line, sinker, and more. Whether it's a Fly Rod Combo or a Spin Rod Combo, they will definitely love the gift of a new fishing setup.

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18. Angler Kayak

Every angler would want to cast further and shore fishing just wont cut it anymore. An Angler Kayak is a perfect solution to expand your fishing area. Great for larger pond and lakes, an angler kayaks is easy to transport and setup on the water. You can get this as a combo with the Personal Flotation Device to ensure their safety.

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19. Eskimo Quickfish Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter

If you fishing loved one is into ice fishing, then a Portable Ice Shelter would be a nice gift for them. This ice shelter sets up in less than a minute and can be easily carried on your shoulder or even on a sled. The two person ice shelter is perfect if he or she plans on taking you with them.

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20. Waders

Wader lets you get in the water and access areas that otherwise cant be access from shore. A breathable pair would ensure that you keep dry even if you sweat inside your waders. A cheaper alternative would be PVC but it is heavier than its breathable counterparts. Overall this will get you access to fish more water in your river or shallow lakes.

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21. Headlamp

We all know that anglers tends to stop fishing way well in to the dark o'clock. A headlamp would be helpful for those days where you need to get back to the car but need to keep your hands free at the same time. This headlamp mitts 600 Lumen, enough to brighten your path on the way to the car and put your gear away.

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If your angler is a beginner, check our blog post A Beginner's Guide to Fishing. This should help on what they need to begin fishing. Also check our Youtube Channel at Bryan Went Fishing. Hope this helps. Thank you for visiting our site.