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Orvis Clearwater 8 Wt 6pc Travel Fly Rod - A Long Time User Review

I want to share with you my thoughts on my Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod and Reel combo. I’ve been using this rod and reel combo for just over 2 years as I am writing this, so I guess you can call this a long time user review of the rig. I got this rod as a gift back in early 2020, just before the pandemic hit. I got the 6pc 8wt rod because I wanted to use it as my travel rod for my camping trips or some quick after work fishing session at a local pond or stream.

The Clearwater combo came completely setup and ready to use. If you want to see what the combo came with, check out our unboxing video, you can click here or in the description below. You can see the specs of this rod from the Orvis website.

What do I like about this combo?

The first time I held it fully assembled, I thought it felt really nice and solid. The reel seat locks the reel in tightly and stays in place. The reel lock secures the reel tightly and does not move while casting. Threading the line through the guides was pretty smooth, especially at the last guide. I had a rod that had a small rod tip guide and I struggled to put the thicker lines through with leader knots and all. The combo felt lighter and more balanced compared to my older 8 wt setup. Casting with this rod all day barely gets me tired. Being a 6-piece rod, it does not take too much space in my car. It can fit in my backpack or a suitcase, which is perfect for my backcountry camping trips, travelling by plane, or if I want to fish a river I always pass by on the way home from work.

The First Cast

Casting the Clearwater combo for the first time felt on point. I felt the rod load perfectly each false cast which helped me cast better and false cast less. The line shoots out smoothly, even if the line is a little dirty after a few trips. Roll casting with this combo also comes easy, so it’s perfect for those tight streams that I usually visit or when I am fishing from the banks.

How did it handle fish?

I mainly use this rod to fish for Bass, Pike, Steelhead, and Salmon. It held up pretty well with the species I targeted and the drag system was able to handle a fresh-run salmon. However, after fighting a number of Chinook Salmon, the second section from the butt of the rod snapped off while I was trying to stop a large Salmon from running to downed trees with the rod tip up high. Remember to use side pressure when fighting fish! <show video or picture of the broken piece> Luckily, Orvis has a 25-Year Guarantee which means they will fix your broken fly rod, and if they can’t fix it, they will replace it, no questions asked.

Would I still use it for Salmon after the repair? Absolutely! But since this is a 6pc travel combo, catching a Steelhead or a nice Largemouth Bass is more suitable for the combo in my opinion. The 4-Piece Clearwater rod would definitely be a better choice when targeting Chinook on the fly.

Final Thoughts on the Orvis Clearwater Combo

So what are my thoughts on the Orvis Clearwater Travel Combo after using it for 2 years?
I would recommend this combo for those who like to fly fish while camping or when travelling. The price is not too bad considering the value and warranty you’re getting. You can fit it in a suitcase for air travel or a backpack which is ideal for those quick after work sessions.

So if you are looking to get this combo for yourself or a loved one, go ahead and do so, you’ll most likely love how it performs. Again, I hope that you found value in this video, we would greatly appreciate it if you hit the like button, consider subscribing and turning the notifications on if you want to see more of our videos in the future. Thank you again for your time and see you on the next video.