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About Us

Hello and welcome to Bryan Went Fishing. Here we share our fishing experiences, some tips, and techniques that can hopefully help you on your journey to increase your catch rate and find quality fish. While we are not experts by any means, we do try to improve our angling game by research, testing old and new ideas, and speaking to local anglers. We hope to share this knowledge to beginners or to anyone who needs a refresher on the basics.

We write about the flies or lures that works for us and other anglers, make how-to videos for fishing, and review the gear we use and like. Being both a fly angler and a conventional angler, we can point out the difference and similarities of both techniques, and how what we've learned from one practice may be used for the other.

If you like a post, or have a suggestion on a topic, please leave a comment. You can also find us on YouTube and Instagram.

See you in the water and Tight lines.