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Fly Fishing for Bass in Lakes from Shore

Bass are excellent fish to target on a fly rod, but while I'm sitting on a park on a shoreline watching anglers on boats go at Bass with conventional tackle, I wondered how anglers without access to a boat go fly fishing for Bass on lakes from shore. One of the obstacles when fly fish…

Fly Fishing Father's Day Gift Ideas

I love fishing and if I could do it every second I would. My friends has been telling me "You'll fish less frequently when you become a dad." Now that I've recently became a dad, I can prove that it is true. While I do like to fish a whole lot more than I'm doing now…

Selecting Your First Fly Fishing Rod

Fly Fishing for the first time can be intimidating to most people. There are tons of information online about selecting your first fly rod alone. The first fly rod combo that I purchased in 2013 has worked well for what I planned to do, even if I did not know where to start. But after get…