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Fly Fishing Father's Day Gift Ideas

I love fishing and if I could do it every second I would. My friends has been telling me "You'll fish less frequently when you become a dad." Now that I've recently became a dad, I can prove that it is true. While I do like to fish a whole lot more than I'm doing now, I wouldn't trade a second of quality time with my child. And with that, I got a better understanding of what my dad, had to sacrifice and go through to raise my siblings and myself.

To honour the dads, both fly fishing and not, I've interviewed a few of my fishing friends that are fathers and asked on social media about what would a fishing dad would love to receive this fathers day. These father's day below are ranked by what is most important to most dads, including myself. I hope this reaches our spouses and kids to give them an idea on what to get us fishing dads.

5. Fly Tying book

For the fly tying dads, this is amazing, especially if you pair it with some fly tying materials. Books like the The Fly-Tying Bible: 100 Deadly Trout and Salmon Flies in Step-by-Step Photographs or The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide are good books that tying dads will appreciate. You may want to find out find out what type of fish they target the most and find a book related to that. Amazon has thousands of books listed for almost all of the flies to tie. If you want to personalize the book further, write a note at the beginning of the book.

4. Gift Certificate from a Fly Shop

This is the easiest gift ever and every dad would love a gift certificate from their favorite fly shop. This option gives them the flexibility to choose what they want to get for fathers day. They can also choose when to use the gift card. They may want to wait until a big purchase or just use it right away to refill their consumables like tippets, dry fly floatant, and leaders. Gift cards form local fly shops can be easily obtained if you are one of those last minute gift shopper. 

3. Fishing Gear

Who doesn't love more fishing gear? Dads will always appreciate fishing a new fishing gear. It could be a new rod and reel, a new fishing net, flies, a new fishing bag/backpack, fishing consumables, or clothing. Anything that can make our fishing life easier or more comfortable will always be welcome. I love getting apparel for fishing myself, like the Woolove 100% Merino Wool Baselayer. It keeps me warm on colder days, cool on hotter days, it's wicks moisture, and best of all it remains odour free (everyone should appreciate that).

2. Personalised Items

From customised fishing net to fly boxes with engravings, dads will surely keeps these gifts close to their hearts. Just add a note that says "Best Dad Ever" or something similar, make it your own. I came across a very cool idea from Tim Johnson at where he adds custom graphics on the fly rod's cork grip. He also makes paintings related to fishing, and they are real works of art.

1. Fishing Trip

This came up as a suggested fathers day gift to almost all the people I've asked. You cannot beat a day, or make it a multi-day trip, of fishing with dad. As a dad myself, there's nothing more rewarding than spending your time with my child while enjoying my favorite pass time. If you want to level it up a little, book a guided trip for you and your dad. For me a weekend on a campsite beside the lake or a river, fishing early in the morning, having a lunch break, then going back to fishing again with my family is irreplaceable.

Are there other fathers day gift that you could suggest? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear what others are getting for their dads. Thanks again for your time, you can also find us on YouTube and Instagram if you would like to connect with us.